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The Law Offices of Abigail Wilson is a Washington DC based litigation practice specialized in Divorce, Family Law, Criminal Defense, Civil Litigation, Drug Offences etc. It is imperative to engage an experienced and highly specialized litigator to safeguard, protect and preserve your rights.

There is a great deal of room in the legal field for strategy, ingenuity, and unconventional thinking. We deliver results through novel solutions and unexpected legal strategies. Our success lies with our ability to take an approach not foreseen by our opponents or anticipated. Ultimately our clients are the beneficiaries to our creative legal solutions delivering resources, results and ultimately success.

Our services cover all the 50 states in America and other countries as well.

Our extensive experience as well as a painstaking attention to details sets us apart from our peers and uniquely positions us to successfully tackle a diverse array of challenging cases. We demand the best and do not relent unless our clients have realized or exceeded their expectations. Our commitment to success motivates us to strive beyond client expectations and has earned us a reputation for excellence.

Criminal Law
94% Complete (success)
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Civil Litigation
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Each lawyer at The Law Offices of Abigail Wilson law firm focuses exclusively on civil matters, we have choosed our lawyers taking into account their experience and ability to handle all cases.


Using her expertise and experience, Abigail documents and builds her clients cases to obtain the best results they could achieve in their particular situation.

Abigail Wilson

CEO & Manager


Hansey's litigation and arbitration experience span a wide range of areas including commercial disputes, international trade, oil and gas, telecommunications, company law, maritime and aviation, intellectual property, employment, personal injury, construction, trade disputes, insurance, taxation, banks and other financial institutions.

Hansey Leo



Prior to joining The Law Offices of Abigail Wilson, Johnson was in active practice at Eculaw Group, a commercial law firm, as an Associate Counsel. Johnson is presently nurturing some of the Firm’s startup clients.

Johnson Habaza

Senior Associate


Anita is an excellent Attorney with a penchant for details and a firm understanding of Corporate Commercial Law Practice and Company Secretarial services. She is presently assisting the Firm’s client to establish a Microfinance Bank in Johannesburg South Africa.

Anita Jones

Senior Associate

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In The Law Offices of Abigail Wilson, we have got a wide range of legal services. We practice general civil law for businesses, individuals, and local governments too.

Family Law

Family law consists of a body of statutes and case precedents that govern the legal responsibilities between individuals who share a domestic connection.


Fire Accident

Fire accidents can result in catastrophic personal injury and devastating damage. Every year, billions of dollars in property damage occurs as a result of fire.



Shoplifting law deals with theft crimes that occur in retail establishments. Perpetrators are shoppers who enter the establishment with permission.


Drug Offences

The legal restrictions placed on the use of controlled drugs are aimed at preventing drug misuse. The principal offences are contained in the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971.


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Since 2009, The Law Offices of Abigail Wilson started working aiming to build a wide range circle of clients, and to win all the cases brought by the clients, have a look in our numbers.


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See what our clients say about us, we have been known for doing what we say, aiming to bring favourable results for our clients as soon as possible.

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